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learn how to lose weight, burn fat and get fit.

Let’s be real. Most of what you’ve been thought about a healthy diet is wrong. We live in a world where the majority of women are struggling with their weight and go from one diet to the next feeling miserable and left without energy. 

Most of the population today is misinformed about nutrition and we’re dealing with obesity and health problems all over the world. Women today are struggling with being overweight and can’t seem to lose the weight no matter what they do. Other women go from one diet to the next to only end up gaining more weight than they initially started with. 

That’s why I created the keto babe academy. I designed this course to give you all the tools and information you need to take back control over your health and weight. 

I’ve bundled all my knowledge and expertise in an easy to follow course so you can understand how your body works with the food your eat. So you can let your body for FOR your instead of AGAINST you and how you can become a fat burner instead of a sugar burner. 

What's included in this program

Course curriculum

Learn about the basics you need to know before you go on the ketogenic lifestyle. In this module you will learn about what keto is, what macronutrients are, how macronutrients affect your blood sugar and the relationship between you blood sugar, insulin and fat storage. 

Learn about the 2 different fuel sources your body can use, what ketones are, how they are produced and how you can measure them. 

In this module your will learn how to eat on the ketogenic diet: what foods are the best options for your body and which ones you will want to avoid. The ketogenic diet doesn’t deprive you from your favourite foods, but you will learn how to substitute them in a way that is beneficial for you. You’ll learn how to put together meals so you can keto your way on auto pilot. 

Knowing what you can eat and can’t eat is the easy part. But to actually stick to this lifestyle you will need some tools that set you up for success. This module will help you stay on track and teach you how you can stick to this lifestyle and finally enjoy lasting results.

This module will teach you how hormones affect your body and will help you maximize your results. Often you go on a diet and you get stuck because of hormone imbalances. Knowing which hormones are affecting you how, and knowing how you can regulate them is important to a happy healthy life. 

Learn all about the benefits of intermittent fasting and how you can incorporate this into your lifestyle. There is not one way to fast and in this module you will learn how to fast according to your personal needs. 

Going on a ketogenic lifestyle will come with some issues that can occur. This module gives you the insights on what can happen en how you can regulate and adjust your diet and eating pattern and which vitamins or minerals you might be missing with certain symptoms and how you can supplement. 

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